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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Procedure for Public Limited Company Registration:

Procedure for public limited company registration is same in every states of India. Company Registration whether in Delhi or Gurgaon or Noida or Ghaziabad or Patna or Ranchi is divided into five category such as Private Limited Company Formation or OPC One Person Company Registration or Section 8 Company Incorporation or Public Limited Company Formation and Chit Fund or NBFC Company Registration. Procedure of Online Company Registration is as follows:-

  1. Selection of Name of proposed Company
  2. Getting Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) of all proposed director
  3. Getting Director Identification Number (DIN) of all proposed first director by filing Form  DIR-3
  4. Applying name in Form INC-1 by considering Rule 8 of Company (Incorporation) Rule 2014.
  5. After Name approval getting requisite documents ready with stamp paper & notary i.e.   DIR-2, INC-9, INC-10, INC-8 etc.
  6. Filing Incorporation documents in three form i.e. Form INC-7 for Company Incorporation, INC-22 for Information about registered office of the company and Form DIR-12 for director appointment.
  7. After receiving Certificate of Incorporation (COI) need to apply for Commencement of Business Certificate in Form INC-21.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Meaning of Related Party Under Company Act 2013

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  1. Section 2 sub section 76 has defined the meaning of related party for the purpose of disclosure of related party transaction wherever required. In reference to Company related party means.
  2. Director of the company and his related.
  3. Key person of the company i.e. managerial personnel of the company and his relative.
  4. Meaning of related party extended and includes a firm in which director of the company or manager and their relative is a partner.
  5. A private company in which director or manager and their relative is a member or director of the company comes within the meaning of related party.
  6. Any public limited company in which director or manager and their relative, who possess shareholding more than 10% of paid of share capital of the company.
  7. BOD or Managing Director or Manager of any body-corporate who are accustomed to act in the accordance with instruction or direction or advice of a manager or director.
  8. If the Director or manager of the company accustomed to act on the director or advice or instruction but this condition do not apply if the director or instruction is being given in a professional capacity.
  9. A company which is
(a)  An associates company or holding or subsidiary of such company
(b)  A subsidiary of their holding company
(c)   Other person as may be prescribed from time to time.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Meaning of Small Company under Companies Act 2013

Section 85 of the companies Act 2013 describes the meaning of Small Company and specifying the condition which will automatically convert the small company into other than small company. Meaning of a Small Company exclude public Limited company and include other company which fulfill below mentioned condition:-

  1. A Company Whether private Limited Company or Public Limited Company which has paid up share capital below Rs. 50 lakh or such Higher Paid up share capital as prescribed but not exceeding Rs. 5 crore or
  2. A company which has turnover as per last Profit & Loss A/c below Rs. 2 Crore and such higher Turnover as may prescribed and which do not exceed Rs. 20 crore as per last financial Statements.

There as some proviso of section 85 where provision of this section do not apply and which is as follows:-

  • A company which is either holding company or subsidiary of other company or
  • A Section 8 Company or
  • A company including body corporate which is being governed by any special Act

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Company Registration Procedure For Different Type of Company

In India there are different form of company such as Proprietorship company or Partnership Company or One Person Company OPC or Private Limited Company or Public Limited Company or Section 8 Company or NBFC Company or Chit Fund Company or Producer Company Registration procedure and rules and regulation applicable for all the above type of company is different from each other. For Proprietorship company registration there required only one person and there didn’t any approval from ministry, there required only VAT registration or Service Tax Registration as applicable according to nature of business. For Private Limited Company registration in Delhi or Gurgaon or Noida or Ghaziabad or at any state of India same procedure applicable whereas for partnership firm registration procedure is totally different and for partnership firm registration there required at least two person. And at the same place for Public limited company registration procedure is different from private limited company formation and there required at least three director and seven shareholder.

DDFS provides lead services as a Company registration Consultant in Noida Delhi Ghaziabad Gurgaon and have goal toward achieving total customer satisfaction. For incorporation of company with MCA there required Digital Signature and DIN number of director at first and after there need to file name approval form as applicable and then after their required to file incorporation  documents and form such as INC-7, INC-22 and DIR-12.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Provisions Applicable For Granting Loan to Director of A Company

Section 185 of the companies Act 2013 govern the procedure for advancing loan to the director of a company whether whole time or managing director. Companies Act 2013 stipulates that no company shall advance any loan either directly or indirectly to any of its directors including any loan represented by a book debt and this provision also apply to any other person in whom the director is interested and director has given any guarantee or have provide any security in relation with any loan taken by him or by such other person.

Provided that the above provision shall no apply in two situation which are as follows:-

(A) Where loan has been given to a managing or whole-time director for the below purposes
  • As part of payment for the conditions of service extended by the company to all its employees or
  • In Accordance with any arrangement approved by the members of the company by a special resolution or

(B)  Company which in the ordinary course of its business provides loans or gives guarantees or securities for the due repayment of any loan, including any loan represented by a book debt including in respect of such Loan to directors or any other person and on which an interest is charged at a rate not less than the bank rate declared by the Reserve Bank of India.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Verification of Registered Office for Company Registration

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  1. For the verification of the registered office of a proposed company there need to file Form INC 22 along with Form INC-7 and DIR-12 with MCA fees
  2. There required following documents to be attached with Form INC-22 duly signed by the concerned person namely:-
  • Documents related to ownership proof of the premises of the registered office in the name of the proposed company; or
  • The lease deed or rent agreement in the name of the Proposed company duly notarized with the copy of rent receipt not older than 1 month.
  • The authorization i.e. Land Lord permission from the owner or authorized occupant of the premises in form of “No Objection Certificate” to authorize to use such premises for running the company and show registered office address of the company.
  • The proof of evidence of Ownership in form of any utility Service bill like telephone bill or Electricity bill or Gas Bill etc. depicting the address of the premises in the name of the owner or such document is not older than two months.
Company Formation in Noida Ghaziabad govern by the ROC Kanpur whereas Company Registration in Delhi Gurgaon govern by the ROC Delhi Haryana.